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Lei Queen Preliminary Pageants

Aloha mai kākou,

Those who are interested in running for Lei Queen 2025, must first secure a title from your local area. There are possibly 10 local pageants being planned for the latter part of 2024. Only winners of these pageants will be eligible to compete for the 2025 Lei Queen title. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations governing these respective pageants.

The following are the local pageants that have been confirmed.

  • Miss Lei Aloha Hokkaido
  • Miss Lei Aloha Kanto
  • Miss Lei Aloha Kinki
  • Miss Lei Aloha Chugoku
  • Miss Lei Aloha Chubu
  • Miss Lei Aloha Tokyo
  • Miss Lei Aloha Kyushu
  • Miss Lei Aloha Okinawa
  • Miss Lei Aloha Tohoku

The following locations are yet to be determined.

  • Miss Lei Aloha Shikoku

Information will be updated as soon as the venue is confirmed.

Find a pageant near you and contact each producer directly.

Miss Lei Aloha Hokkaido

Producer: Makaholowa`a Naka

Address: 〒062-0904 Sapporo-shi, Toyohira-ku, Toyohira 4-jou 3-chome, 3-2, Sanpachi Bld. 3F

Phone: +81-080-01976-3918

E-mail: miss_lei_hokkaido@outlook.com


Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Chubu

Producer: Tiare Heipua Sabarsah

Address: 〒923-0342 Ishikawa-ken, Komatsu-shi, Yatano-cho, F17-1

Phone: +81-090-2839-1687

E-mail: miss_lei_chubu@outlook.com


Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Kanto

Producer: Tiare Minamizaki

Address: 〒 296-0014 Chiba-ken, Kamogawa-shi, Futoo 713-19

Phone: +81-090-1503-5927

E-mail: miss_lei_kanto@outlook.com


Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Tokyo

Producer: Kalani Po`omaihealani

Address: 〒 133-0042 Tokyo-to, Edogawa-ku, Okinomiya-cho 31-3

Phone: +81-080-1331-0249

E-mail: miss_lei_tokyo@outlook.com

Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Kinki

Producer: Mariko Hamai

Address: 〒 Kyoto, Fushimi-ku, Fukakusa-Nishikawahara-cho 36-1-A229

Phone: +81-080-3781-6809

E-mail: miss_lei_kinki@outlook.com


Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Kyushu

Producer: Kōko Jitisho

Address: 〒

Phone: +81-090-3205-1825

E-mail: miss_lei_kyushu@outlook.com


Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Chugoku

Producer: Michiko Mimura

Address: 〒 747-0037 Yamaguchi-ken, Hofu-shi, Hachioji 1-6-18 Erpace Bld. 402

Phone: +81-090-9419-5155

E-mail: miss_lei_chugoku@outlook.com


Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Tohoku

Producer: Eiko Tsuji

Address: 〒963-0201 Fukushima-ken, Koriyama-shi, Otsuki-machi, Tsuchiuri 13-2

Phone: +81-090-2020-1357

E-mail: miss_lei_tohoku@outlook.com


Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Okinawa

Producer: Pualani Yasuko Horiuchi

Address: 〒9040116 Okinawa, Nagami gun, Chatan Town, Chatan 2-11-11

Phone: +81-080-3940-3840

E-mail: miss_lei_okinawa@outlook.com


Date of Pageant:

Miss Lei Aloha Shikoku


Address: 〒


E-mail: miss_lei_shikoku@outlook.com


Date of Pageant: