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Hui Ke Ka`alani

Hui Ke Ka`alani is a sisterhood society that has just been organized for former and present members of the Lei Courts. The mission of Hui Ke Ka`alani is to promote aloha, to create lifetime bonds, sharing and caring for each other and being a support to the Lei Queen Pageant Foundation in time or kind. As we begin this journey we are planning a minimum of 4 gatherings a year. One per quarter. Here are a few ideas. A picnic, a trip to Disneyland or to Disney Sea, bowling, a concert, a movie, sharing a lunch or dinning out, support each others “ho`ike” should one arise, attend one or more of the following Japanese festivals:

Nagasaki Lantern Festival
Kanda Matsuri (Tokyo)
Tenjin Matsuri (Osaka)
Tanabata Matsuri (Sendai)
Hakata Dontaku Matsuri (Fukuoka)
Kanamara Matsuri (Kawasaki)

Yuki Matsuri (Sapporo)
Gion Matsuri (Kyoto)
Nebuta Matsuri (Aomori)
Awa Odori (Tokushima)
Kishiwarda Danjiri (Kishiwada)

These are just a few possibilities. Of course any ideas would be welcomed and the sky is the limit. As a member, no one is required to attend all of the planned outings however, getting together at least once in a year would be ideal. Members are allowed to invite non-members to attend a function if they so desire.

Meilani Takaki, 2022 Lei Princess of Hawai`i, has agreed to chair the society and is hoping to select a vice chair, a secretary, a treasurer and 3 others, all to serve as a steering committee. The desire is to develop a quarterly newsletter to keep the members abreast of what is going on with each other and any events being planned. We are asking for a ¥ 2,000 annual, membership fee. Monies will go towards operation costs with a full disclosure of how it is being spent. 

If you would like to become a member please fill in the form below and submit it.

Our motto is:

“E ho`okahi ka `ilau like `ana.”

Wield the paddles together.
(Letʻs work together.)

Eo nā wahine o ka Hui Ke Ka`alani

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